Unless you have lived under a rock for the past 2 weeks, you know that the beloved USS The Sullivans is in distress in Buffalo. The Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park, where she is located, have been awesome with updated and being transparent about the progress.

They took to YouTube to update us over the weekend. USS The Sullivans was tipped in the water at about 30 degrees and has since, because of all of the hard work being put in by the crews, started uprighting. In fact, the ship has gone from being on a 30-degree angle to about 14, so she is definitely heading in the right direction. 

This past weekend, they were 'test pumping' the ship getting ready to pump out the rest of the water sometime in the next couple of days, which will hopefully raise the ship up.

We keep talking about USS The Sullivans, but in case you don't know exactly what kind of ship it was, we will help you out. USS The Sullivans is a Fletcher-class Destroyer which, is the largest and most important class of U.S. Destroyers used in World War II. It is not in use anymore since the mid-1960s, but certainly was an important part of war history for the United States. She started being commissioned in 1943 and shot down 8 Japanese fighter planes and was also used in both Korean War and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

We are so lucky that we get to have USS The Sullivans (which was named after 5 brothers--the Sullivan brothers) right here in Buffalo, New York and this is why it is so important that we save her.

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