Star NFL Running Back has found himself in a very unfortunate situation.  The Married with Children Houston Texans' football player had an affair with University of Houston college student, Brittany Norwood, who has subsequently become pregnant.

The student is suing Arian Foster and has asked for a restraining order, claiming Arian Foster has been harassing her, demanding she get an abortion.  She also claims that she's been harassed by Arian Foster's brother as well.

Aside form the "Gossipy Details" surrounding this personal & private matter between the two individuals (in my opinion)... I am drawing MORE ATTENTION to the fact that Morning Show C0-Host Sybil Wilkes, of the Tom Joyner Morning Show, suggested this morning that it's inappropriate for the young lady to ask for Child Support due to the fact that Arian Foster has expressed that HE DOES NOT WANT THE BABY and should have just as much right to make the decision to abort the baby as she has to keep the baby...and..that if she wants to have the baby and he does not....then she should take on the responsibility of caring te baby SHE WANTS and HE DOESN'T.

It's VERY SURPRISING that a woman would have such an opinion and it brings up a VERY INTERESTING discussion.  Do you agree that a man should not be responsible for financially supporting a woman who CHOOSES to have a baby CHOOSES which HE DOES NOT WANT?  Does he have as much right to say NO as she does to say YES?????  


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