I ride Uber a lot and my rating is a 4.9. Which is perfect in my book. I always speak to my drivers cause you never know who you rolling with. Your getting into a car with a perfect stranger. I have been lucky to never encounter a bad experience.

Unlike this lady from Wheatfield who got so pissed at an Uber driver  that she threw a pizza at the driver, who was a female driver. I wonder if she threw a entire pizza including the box and just a slice, if she threw a entire box that could really hurt.

The reason she got pissed cause the Uber driver took a longer route to her destination and didn't listen to her route. I will say this tho..from experience the Uber GPS is not totally accurate at times.

According to WKBW the  police, Collins pulled the drivers hair and kicked the side of the vehicle, denting the fender.Collins was arrested and is charged with criminal mischief and harassment.

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