The Big Dummy Files is on hiatus until next week when THE WBLK ON AIR TALENT SHOW DOWN is over. Unfortunately just because i'm not discussing BIG DUMMIES on the air at 7:50, that doesn't mean stupid people will stop doing stupid things.

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Four UB students and three other people were all arrested for what the Buffalo PD calls a bust on an alleged "drug ring," I don't think it was really a drug ring, but they had weed and extacy. (Sounds very educational right ?). Here are why these students are absolute idiots and horrible drug dealers. The police gave them a warning for having their car parked on the wrong side of the road. The police had told them to move it, came back 45 minutes to an hour later and saw it wasn't moved. The police then went up to the house to speak to them again, saw drugs in plain sight, got a warrant and proceeded to bust and arrest them.

Some people are just not meant to do illegal things and need to stick to making money the legal way. For the life of me I can't imagine why you would not do something as simple as moving a car when you know your running a drug business. They made themselves hot by being lazy. They should've stayed in the books instead of trying to be about that life. Welcome these ex college students to THE BIG DUMMY FILES.