This is my opinion but I think it's TERRIBLE & SAD that some Buffalo Schools are CLOSING because they are FAILING SCHOOLS....which implies that Students are not doing wee...not testing well...which in turn implies one of 3 things:  Students are so unruly that the teachers do more disciplining in the classrooms than they do teaching, teachers are performing poorly, or parents are not doing their jobs to make sure their children are ACTING and LEARNING PROPERLY!  (Again, this is my opinion)

Bennett High School was one of Buffalo's TOP PERFORMING SCHOOLS in Buffalo between 1920 - 1970... Now It's CLOSING due to it being a FAILING SCHOOL.

I'm asking who's at fault for this low performing status, based on having PERSONALLY seen Video of students in classes at Bennett ( more than one time...& CONSISTENTLY) where the Teacher could not teach due to sometimes (which I witnessed) 2/3 of the total classroom time dedicated to disciplining students (the video I saw involved a young lady who refused to be quiet and later refused to leave the classroom after being asked to leave the room because she was disrupting the entire class).  

So, Based on what I witnessed... and... After being being told by a student that this is a CONSISTENT, DAY-TO-DAY Norm for The School... I'm looking at the Student Body as being the culprit for the school's FAILING STATUS... and secondly, PARENTS... for not doing what they NEED to do to make certain there is NO SHENANIGANS in our schools and address their children about any disruptive behaviors.

WATCH & Let Us Know What Your Thoughts Are!

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