As many people with children in charter schools already know. Charter schools receive government funding, but they are independently operated. Parents look to get their children in these schools because they have the freedom to design classrooms to meet their student's needs. The nice thing is that they are tuition-free public schools and they are open to all students regardless of zip code.

According to, Westminister Charter School and Enterprise Charter School sued the Buffalo Board of Education in Supreme Court to keep the schools open for their economically disadvantaged students. There is no doubt that the trauma and stress of the pandemic dramatically affected students, especially in low-income areas.

One of the many issues with the Buffalo Board of Education closing the two schools is, both schools together have around 900 students, and the decision to close the schools leaves parents scrambling to find another alternative charter school to send their children to. I have recently looked at the differences between a public school and a charter school, and yes the charter school has its advantages in my opinion. If the two charter schools, which I think were great schools, by the way, are forced to close,  it seems like, any student that can stay focused on their studies should be able to make it in any school if what the student is studying is also available at another school.

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I totally understand why parents choose to send their children to charter schools. I have seen some great public schools and I think that as long as the children are safe and teachers can instruct the class the public school system would be a viable option.

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