A Buffalo Police Officer with a history of use of excessive force is set to go to trial soon!

Credit: WIVB

Corey Krug, a Buffalo Police Officer, is set to stand trial starting next week, according to WIVB. Federal prosecutors wrote that he has a history of using excessive force. His trial stems from an incident in 2014, where he was accused of using excessive force outside a nightclub. Prosecutors have submitted new court documents, highlighting three additional examples of Krug's use of excessive force, including incidents from 2004 and 2006.

According to a report from WIVB,

In a case from 2006, Krug is accused of telling a suspect, called "R.F.", to shut up. According to prosecutors, Krug stopped the patrol car, walked around to the rear passenger-side door, opened it, and punched the suspect, who was hand-cuffed, in the jaw.

Krug is accused of jumping up and down on a suspect's back, then slamming the suspect against a van, in the 2004 case. He allegedly used an icescraper to remove the suspect's blood from the van's window! He is on paid administrative leave. His trial starts Monday, January 28th.

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