Two paramedics in the Tonawanda are accused of stealing prescription drugs!

Jon Cinelli and Jeremy Pecoraro are accused of stealing prescription drugs, according to WGRZ. The two are accused of stealing drugs from a drug container in the police headquarters. They have both been arrested and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance. Police allege that they stole the drugs to support their own opioid addictions. Cinelli has been employed by the department for over 2 years and Pecoraro for over four years.

"Police say Cinelli was suspected of stealing the drugs after he was found emptying out the drug collection bin alone. This is against the department's policy, which requires that two paramedics empty out the bin together. Police Chief Jerome Uschold then ordered an internal investigation. During the investigation of Cinelli, police discovered Pecoraro was also stealing the painkillers."


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