There is a police officer from the Town of Tonawanda who has come under fire and it looks like he may lose his job because of his bad conduct.

Town of Tonawanda Police Officer Michael Lewandowski was once an award-winning public servant, but according to reporting by the Buffalo News, he may find himself without a job as a police officer.

Since 2016 Mr. Lewandowski has been suspended multiple times for misconduct. That misconduct includes harassing a New York State Trooper for not fixing a traffic ticket his aunt received and using excessive force against a couple inside the Town of Tonawanda courthouse.

Reporter Charlie Specht from WKBW TV shared a video of the courtroom incident on his Twitter feed.

The Town of Tonawanda board passed a resolution that authorized Town Supervisor Joseph Emminger, or Assistant Police Chief Joseph Fennell, to take whatever disciplinary action they think is necessary against Office Lewandowski. In a previous report on his misconduct, it was noted by a previous Tonawanda Police Cheif that any further incidents could lead to termination.

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As someone who swore an oath to serve the public, it is important that the people can trust you. If these allegations are in fact true, I don't know how anyone could properly serve the public.

Only time will tell, but the people deserve to be treated better than this.

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