This is nothing new to Lancaster and Cheektowaga, but the hardware stores in the area are running out of rat traps. There is a massive rat problem happening in those areas and the problem is starting to get out of hand. Unfortunately, you could be completely on top of it and have a perfectly clean house, but if your neighbors are not, that can cause you to start having some rat sightings by your home.

I think you will agree with me too. For whatever reason, aren't these rats HUGE. They are absolutely massive rats. One person on Facebook yesterday even said that the big rats are even bigger than kittens.

Across the street from my apartment in Depew there would always be a pest control crew across the street that would be, what looked like, securing the basement. I kept asking the pest control crew if they were working on rat control and they told me that they COULDN'T tell me. Maybe they didn't tell me because it was a privacy concern? But, I was a neighbor and felt like I should know too, so I could prepare before a problem started or if it already started, be able to control it.

How do you get rid of rats? How can you prevent rats from coming to your house? For starters you need to make sure that your garbage can is secure. In addition, try and clear up any clutter that you might find around your house? If you get rid of their hiding spots, it will keep them from staying around longer. If you have MAJOR issues, here are the best pest control places in Western New York.

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