With Prom season just getting started, there are many tips and tricks to remember in order to assure a night you will never forget. Things like picking out a dress or finding that perfect date can be tough, but on prom day these should be the least of worries!

1. Ladies - Take all the time you need!

Give yourself plenty of time to take care of business such as: Have your hair appointment marked in advance, and know how you want to style it before you get there. Plan for a make-up malfunction, be prepared with remover wipes if you try to experiment new eye get ups. Have your jewelry ready, nails done and shoes broken in (avoiding blisters is a must on the dance floor!)

2. Gentlemen - Be Gentlemen!

Your dates took a lot more time to get ready, help them out by: Not forgetting the tickets (not a good start to the night) Step in and open the door (its prom!) Even though the ladies might be late, its imperative YOU ARE ON TIME. Sounds unfair? Could be worse.

3. Have Fun & Be Safe!

This night happens once a year; don't let these mistakes define your prom: Don't forget a camera! These pictures will hold memories for years to come. Don't be naive at the after party! Keep track of your OWN cup, and know what's inside that fruit punch bowl. No Drinking and Driving; that will follow you well past prom.


To all the seniors, Enjoy your final high school event and be responsible with it! You wouldn't want any poor decisions you make jeopardizing you walking the stage to graduate.

To all the parents, be sure to provide parental instruction on how best to deal with problems that may arise. Communicate with your teen specifically about how he/she would handle difficult situations such as being offered a ride by an intoxicated driver, or being pressured with alcohol or drugs.

Statistics show that Prom season - the months of April, May and June - is the most dangerous time for teens. Overall, Alcohol is the #1 youth drug problem as it kills six times more people under 21 than all other illegal drugs combined. Parents; Talk to your kids and know their plans on prom night!

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