If you love '90s R&B, you can't miss the Thursday at Canalside free concert tonight with BS2 (Blackstreet) featuring Teddy Riley and Dave Hollister with special guests DJ C-Perfect and DJ Heat and hosted by Jazzy T. 


Blackstreet's self-titled debut album was the first compact disc I ever got in 1994, and it's STILL a banger!! I remember how happy I was when I unwrapped this on my 13th birthday. So if you are an '80s baby like me, you'll remember these hits.

As you may or may not know, Teddy Riley and Dave Hollister are also members of the Blackstreet crew, who recently changed their named to BS2 for legal reasons.

I am still absolutely in love with Dave Hollister's Chicago '85 album with tracks like:


The show must go on rain or shine tonight, so grab your lawn chair and umbrella and meet me at Canalside for an unforgettable trip down memory lane with BS2, Teddy Riley and Dave Hollister!!

My new intern Chuck will be filming and interviewing the audience, so make sure you say hello and let us know which artist you're most excited to see tonight!