Toni Braxton and Babyface are on a roll. The dynamic duo are already heating up Adult R&B radio with 'Hurt You' and 'Where Did We Go Wrong?,' and now comes a new tune called 'Roller Coaster.' The soothing ballad is another shining example of how great these singing powerhouses are together.

On the song, Toni and Babyface plays two tumultuous lovers who can’t stand each other yet they can't seemed to stop loving each other.

"Today I got so mad at you / It’s like I couldn’t control myself / Girl, I was done, I was so through with you / But I know I couldn’t love nobody else," sings Babyface.

Toni responds singing, "I'm so about done with you / I’m sick of tired of going through changes / I love you, I hate you / Don’t want, but want to / Back and forth, and back again, what should we do?"

The duo reach their conclusions on the chorus singing, "When love is like a roller coaster, always up and down / When love takes over your emotions, spins you round and round."

Toni Braxton and Babyface’s relationship album, 'Love, Marriage & Divorce,' will hit stores on Feb. 4. The collection is sounding like the perfect soundtrack for Valentine’s Day. You can pre-order the LP now on iTunes.

UPDATE: Toni Braxton & Babyface's 'Roller Coaster' has been removed from the web until further notice. We'll add the song stream to this post when it becomes available through the record label.


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