Lions, and Tigers, and Bears Oh My!  That's the first thing that came to mind when I saw that today is National Zoo Day but I think that's from a movie, which I can't recall right now...but it works regarding Zoos because there are plenty of each!

Celebrating National Zoo Day is more than appropriate in Buffalo due to a little known fact that The Buffalo Zoo is actually (according to Wikipedia) the 3rd Oldest Zoo in the entire United States of America.  Wikipedia also explains that The Buffalo Zoo was founded in 1875, has upwards of 400,000 visitors every year, and is the 2nd Largest Attraction in NYS next to Niagara Falls.  The Buffalo Zoo is open year round and not only features hundreds of animals, the Zoo has more than 320 different species of plants as well, according to Wikipedia.

According to Wikipedia, some of the Main Features at The Buffalo Zoo include the Arctic Edge, Rainforest Falls, Sea Lion Cove, Otter Creek, Vanishing Animals, Elephants, Giraffes, Kookaburra Corner, EcoStation, & Heritage Farm (Children's Zoo).  The Buffalo Zoo

Congrats to The Buffalo Zoo for it's longevity and continued dedication to the Buffalo Community on this National Zoo Day 2018..


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