Yasmin Young talks with nutritionist Alexa Wajed to get nutrition tips for staying healthy during the coronavirus pandemic.

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"Alexa Joan teaches cooking classes, has meal prep programs, catering options and is a food educator." ~ AlexaJoan.com

Alexa Wajed recommends eating fruits and veggies to help boost your immunity during the coronavirus pandemic. She says your first meal should not be carb or protein-heavy. She suggests starting with juice or oatmeal. Alexa says lunch should be your biggest meal. Dinner should be fairly light, focusing on protein and veggies. She also gives some great suggestions for parents, who may be struggling with a picky-eater.  If your child doesn't like to eat fruits or veggies, take a listen to the interview below. You can visit Alexa's website to get more info about her chef and nutrition services.

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