Frontline workers, Nurses, Doctors, and almost all health care workers were the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Although there has been some skepticism in the Black and Brown communities, local medical experts say people in those areas should be next in line.

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According to WGRZ, there are still health care disparities in the Black and Brown communities affected by COVID-19, even with the vaccines on the marketplace, there are still economic, social, and health disparities.

The lack of access to healthcare, testing, and proper diagnosis for many people living in those communities is making it hard for people to even began to think of when and where or even how they can be vaccinated.

It is important for local lawmakers and community leaders to join medical leaders to ensure that the distribution of both Pfizer and Moderna are equal and efficient.

said, Dr. Raul Vasquez CEO of Urban Family Practice. according to WGRZ

Dr. Vasquez also believes that the lack of education is why many people are skeptical about being vaccinated and that the language used when explaining the vaccines is important in getting to people understand and trust what is being said about taking the different vaccines.

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