My favorite new R&B song just got a visual!! Check out the Cali/New York connection as Tinashe & A$AP Rocky star in the mini-drama "Pretend".

Pretend is Tinanshe's latest single off her debut album "Aquarius", which finally drops Oct 7th.

If you've never heard this song before, I encourage you to close your eyes and just LISTEN to it before you watch the video. There are some stunning mountain shots but the story line here takes away from the beauty of the song, in my opinion.

Tinashe is rocking the classic Aaliyah / Ciara look in several scenes with the sports bra and baggy pants and she does it well.

But who is this new chick on the block Jasmine V? She too is TRYING to pull off the tom boy look, but.... um..... well what do YOU think?

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