Last Sunday's comeback victory by Tiger Woods to win his fifth career Masters Tournament was an amazing achievement in its own.  And its even more amazing when you consider all of the personal and physical problems that he had been dealing with the past few years.

In addition to the eight knee and back surgeries and other ailments Tiger also had an affair with a cocktail waitress and possibly some other affairs, he checked into a sex addiction clinic and he was arrested for DUI.

It was quite a fall from grace...and a lot of it was of his own making.  But considering what he had been thru and at the age of 43 to win one of the most iconic of all golf tournaments it's nothing short of amazing.

Some 600 people have been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  Three other golfers including Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer have also won it.

There was no indication from the president when the medal would be awarded.

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