The highly controversial speed cameras which have been installed near schools throughout the City of Buffalo are now fully live.

Back in late January 2021, the City of Buffalo announced that it was turning all of the cameras back on. During the month of February, the cameras had been operating in warning mode, which flashed its lights and snapped pictures but the city was not issuing citations. That all ends today.

According to a report by The Buffalo News, that the warning period ends today, Monday, March 1st.

Now drivers who go thru one of the 18 school zones that are listed below are subject to receiving a $50 ticket if they exceed the posted speed limit.

This enforcement program has not been without its issues. These cameras remain a huge disappointment to a large section of our community who feel the program should be paused due to a large number of substantial problems that have occured and the fact that thousands of drivers have been improperly ticketed.

The following schools have speed cameras installed at their locations. Each of these zones are said to have signage and flashing signals to warn drivers they are entering the school zone.

You can find a list of the 18 different school zones that have comeras installed here on the City of Buffalo Website.

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