If you know all the words to every Martin episode like a few people I know, this news is for you! Tisha Campbell confirmed in a recent interview that the Martin Reboot is happening!    One of the greatest shows of all time will return to a television near you and I personally couldn't be more excited. Fuel was thrown on the Martin Reboot fire when Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell-Martin (aka Gina ) and Tichina Arnold (aka BDB's oops I mean Pam) were spotted leaving Morton's Steakhouse in Burbank this past Thursday. The show went off the air over 20 years ago,I guess you should never say never! But with Tommy gone, I don't know if the show will ever be the same. Click here to get more information about this story.

Daniel Boczarski, Getty Images

Nelly Nelly Nelly! It seems the St. Louis rapper can't catch a break and had the worst week ever. According to The Evening Standard, the rapper has filed court papers denying accusations in a complaint that alleges he raped a woman in Seattle last October and sexually assaulted two other women after shows in the U.K. back in 2016. Nelly filed the papers on Friday (Jan. 26). Both women are American and charges may not be pursued because one of the accusers isn't cooperating basically citing she wouldn't win against Nelly. Hmmm...Of course once again Nelly's attorney is calling the accusations fabricated.

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Finally!!! Philly rapper Meek Mill may have had his best week ever in a loooongggg time even though he is still behind bars. This week and investigation went underway of judges and court personnel involved in his case. It was discovered a week ago that a court clerk passed a note to Meek Mill asking for money during his probation hearing for her son's tuition! AND just a couple of days after THAT court clerk was fired turns out more docs surfaced which proves that Judge Genece Brinkley who sent Meek Mill to prison for two to four years may have also had an unlawful relationship with another City of Philadelphia employee pertaining to handling of personal matters. This entire thing screams conspiracy! Hopefully his lawyers keep working in the right direction and Meek will be back in these streets soon.