Chad Ococinco is OFFICIALLY the Tiger Woods of the NFL!After the domestic violence incident against his wife Evelyn Lozada it looks like Chad’s money has an expiration date with all his domestic and legal troubles and his side pieces figure this is their time to cash out. A chick from Boston to Miami to Atlanta, they’ve been spilling the beans on Ocho about his escapades while engaged to Evelyn. This just makes this situation even more ugly.

Speaking of ugly situations, the custody battle between singer Usher and ex-wife Tameka Foster has FINALLY come to a close. The end result has left Usher with primary custody! The way Tameka operates I’m sure her lawyers are appealing the decision as we speak!

American Idol is trying to turn it up a notch! Most likely in a ditch effort to boost ratings, they have called on Nicki Minaj to be their newest Judge! I heard they are paying the Harajuku the same as Mariah Carey! Can’t be mad at that just hope she doesn’t turn the show into a spectacle with her outlandish style!
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