The reality show curse strikes again! Entertainment Lawyer Phaedra Parks and hubby Apollo of the Real Housewives of Atlanta are said to be heading towards divorce! Phaedra has been spotted out without her ring and Apollo has moved out of their house. Producers said that he has gotten aggressive with them while trying to capture their arguments on film and has threatened to take their son Ayden and leave. Looks like Phaedra will be learning a new side of law, divorce law.

Kanye West is planning to propose to Kim Kardashian! He has created a beautiful engagement ring which includes jewels from his late mother Donda West's cherished jewelry collection. He plans to pop the question as soon as the divorce between Kim and soon to be ex baller hubby Kris Humphries.

Erica Dixon of Love & Hip Hop had apperantly moved on from the paws of Lil' Scrappy....with a MARRIED MAN! She posted a picture of her new beaux and was shocked by the response she received. The man in the picture was infact married and Erica bagan receiving messages and wedding photos left and right from the mystery man's family! This forced her change her twitter name and remove the picture. Proof that with social media, there is VERY LITTLE that you can get away with these days!

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