Get them kids to work this summer. If you have a teen thats looking for a job they dont have to look any further.McDonald’s is looking to hire youth in Western New York this summer. According to McDonalds local franchisees are not only looking to start them out at minimum wage, but also help contribute $2,500 each year to college tuition.

The Belle Center and the Delavan Grider Community Center are both working to pass along employee referrals.The only requirements are to work at least 15 hours each week for 90 days minimum and prove you are enrolled at an institution.

And everyone in the community is stepping up to fill the 170 jobs McDonald’s hopes to give to youth in our area this summer.This is big for the city and the youth  to keep some money in thier pocket and stay out of the streets.

Information on how to apply can be found here .

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