There are many residents in Buffalo that are finding out that there is still a program that exists for people that still can use help with internet service. Now that schools will be re-opening in September, there is going to be a need for students to have access to low-cost internet service. According to the spectrum website, there are still programs that assist people that meet the requirements. Although this program is not really advertised that much it is available.

So Who Is Eligible For Low-Cost Internet Service?

To keep it simple, if you get (SNAP) benefits or if your child receives free or discount lunch you are most likely in an area where you are eligible for the program. If you get (Supplemental Security Income), this is for applicants that 65 and over you are eligible to.

Will Spectrum Tell You About This Program?

I have been in a few group discussions on Facebook and it has been determined that you have to ask about these programs, although they are posted on the website, the information will not be offered up if your calling about internet service.

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How Do You Apply For The Low-Cost Service?

The process is very easy and there is a clear explanation of who is and who's not eligible for the program. Anyone that can use some help with internet service should apply right on the website right here. I think it's great that there is a program available, in the event that we have to go back to virtual classrooms, at least people that need a little extra help would have it.

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