There has been enough back and forth about wearing a mask or not in schools for some time now, it has really been enough to drive any parent crazy along with the normal stress of getting kids ready for school. Now, it's official, any student going to school grades P-12 will have to wear a mask in Buffalo schools. According to, the state's Department of Health said in a recent announcement that all students and staff members must have on a mask while in school buildings in New York State. This is troubling to some parents because they are concern with young people actually keeping their masks on for long periods of time. Although there will be scheduled breaks, wearing a mask for long lengths of time will be tough for young children.

Governor Kathy Hochul made a statement telling New Yorkers that they can expect a school-mask mandate, and there will be a vaccine requirement statewide. A spokesperson from the Health Department recently said.

The Department has filed an emergency regulation, requiring all students, faculty, and staff of all public and private schools (P-12) in New York State to wear masks in school buildings. Public and private schools/ districts across the state have been notified.

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I think the effort to keep our children in schools safe from COVID-19 is great and necessary, I agree that it can be an inconvenience, especially for children with special needs. I just think that whatever side of the vaccination fence your on, you should at least consider what it takes to keep everyone in your family safe.

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