If you are a fan of the hit TV show "This Is Us" you might have got an unexpected shock when the Buffalo Bills were mentioned about 45 minutes into the latest episode.

The episode aired last night and the fact the Buffalo Bills lost four straight Super Bowls during the early 90s was part of the dialog between the two characters Kevin and his brother Randell.

Here is how the conversation went:

“Buffalo Bills lost the Super Bowl four years in a row when we were kids,” Randall told Kevin. “Remember that?”

“Before every Super Bowl, they make Super Bowl champion merch with both teams on it so they have stuff ready to go no matter who wins, right? But once a team loses, they don’t want the stuff with the losing team on it. They don’t want Super Bowl champion Buffalo Bills sweatshirts so you know where that stuff used to go?
“Other continents,” Randall said. “Africa, Asia, any and every nation in need. So for four consecutive years in the early 90s there were World Champion Buffalo Bills merch flooding other continents. Kev, there are tens of thousands of people who grew up thinking the Buffalo Bills were the greatest team of all-time. The world is friggin’ insane. It makes no sense, but you and Sophie together? Now that makes more sense than most things. You’re not going to screw it up this time.”
As a fan of the Buffalo Bills, it stings a bit to be reminded of those four Super Bowl losses but at least "Wide Right" wasn't part of the conversation.
You can catch "This Is Us" Tuesday nights on NBC.

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