You may find this hard to believe, but as things in most cases seem to be back to normal, there are people who are actually starting to take precautions again. I have done several events as a DJ since being vaccinated myself, and now I see more people wearing masks again. There has been another variant discovered, and it could really take us backward if people don't get vaccinated. According to, there have been seven new cases of the coronavirus in Eire County as of Sunday.

Did you know that the total number of coronavirus cases in Eire County since March 2020 is over 21,000? There are over four hundred deaths reported in the National Electronic Disease Surveillance System. Cases are going up nationwide as well, which is the reason why experts believe that things could go back to the way they were at the beginning of the pandemic. People are being encouraged to get vaccinated at one of the many free sites where vaccines are offered.

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What Are Some Symptoms Of The Delta Virant?

With the Delta Virant, you will feel like you have a cold initially, like a running nose, sore throat, and upper respiratory infection symptoms. The Delta variant will feel much like the flu to most people, with fatigue loss of taste, and smell, they will also have a persistent cough and a fever. This really should not be hard to explain to anyone in my opinion. Just think, who in their right mind would want to go back to the beginning with this virus.

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