The people here in Buffalo are starting to get vaccinated at a much higher rate than when the vaccinations were first introduced. I have spoken to many people, and I have gotten every reason in the book for why they were hesitant to get the vaccine when it was first introduced. I think that residents in Buffalo are starting to see the real benefits of being vaccinated, and also starting to realize that, in order to do anything, your gonna have to prove that you were vaccinated.

According to WGRZ, some Regal Cinemas will be reopening in Western New York this Friday. Guest will be required to wear face masks at all times, the only time you will be able to remove your mask is when you are eating or drinking. Also, there will be social distancing measures in place. I can appreciate the fact that everyone is ready to get back to normal, but are you ready to sit in a room with strangers and watch a movie? I can't see how there will be anyone in a theater with their mask on. Base on the guidelines, as long as your eating or drinking you can have your mask off. Well, for most people that hit the theaters, that's all the time, because you're always going to have a drink or food in front of you.

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This is going to be interesting in my opinion, I believe this can be done if they limit the crowd size and also keep the airflow circulating, which will help keep people safe.

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