Buffalo and Niagra Falls are still coming up with ways to deal with gun violence in the city, it has been very much noted that this is an issue that is going to require a lot of attention. I have heard plenty of great ideas, and it really seems like now, there are more leaders putting their money where their mouth is. A few of the things I hear many groups and activists talk about is the need for more programs and jobs for young people to be a part of, which will also help out with early intervention.

According to wgrz.com Niagara Falls is of the cities that will receive money from Governor Andrew Cuomo's Gun Violence Prevention Initiative to provide jobs to young adults. The announcement was made recently by the Niagara County Workforce Development, that Niagara County will get $250,000 in funding to provide permanent jobs for young people.

Here Is How The Funds Will Help

The funding is to be used to reimburse employers who hire and train the young adults selected for the program, the employers will receive 90% wage reimbursement. The workers selected will receive work readiness training, short-term training, and career training.

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As a parent of an 18-year-old I totally the importance of young men having an outlet and being a part of something. I think giving young men and women the chance to earn a living is a great step in the right direction when it comes to keeping our young people out of the streets.

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