Buffalo written eight times back-to-back and the only word used in a sentence is grammatically correct. Here is the meaning of 'Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo' explained. I came across this sentence while doing some research about our great city. I was like what in the hell is this? I can't lie, my curiosity led me down the rabbit hole. According to Wikipedia, the sentence 'Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo,'

has been discussed in literature in various forms since 1967, when it appeared in Dmitri Borgmann's Beyond Language: Adventures in Word and Thought.

Still, WTF does it mean? Let's break down the explanation. It uses the word 'Buffalo' in three different ways.

1. The City of Buffalo
2. As another word for bison
3. As a term meaning 'to bully'

So here's how the sentence works, according to Wiki,

The buffalo from Buffalo who are buffaloed by buffalo from Buffalo, buffalo (verb) other buffalo from Buffalo.

Here's the meaning of each Buffalo, in order, in the sentence:

1. Buffalo - the city
2. buffalo - the animal
3. Buffalo - the city
4. buffalo - the animal
5. buffalo - bully
6. buffalo - bully
7. Buffalo - the city
8. buffalo - the animal

Buffalo buffalo (the animals called "buffalo" from the city of Buffalo) [that] Buffalo buffalo buffalo (that the animals from the city bully) buffalo Buffalo buffalo (are bullying these animals from that city). ~ Wiki

Confused still? Yeah, me too! But I guess the takeaway is that 'Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.'

Trying to understand this sentence has used all my brain power for today, so I'm logging off now!

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