Buffalo Mayoral Candidate, India Walton, raised concerns about harassment and intimidation after her car was towed by the City of Buffalo. In a lengthy Facebook post, Walton admitted that she had unpaid parking tickets and an expired inspection sticker. She also said that the incumbent, Mayor Byron Brown, has used unsavory tactics during his terms, implying that this incident fits into a pattern. Walton criticized the city for predatory parking enforcement. Here's her full Facebook post,

They towed my damn car.
I'm late on some parking tickets, and my inspection sticker is expired. Those are my bad -- I should have handled them on time. I'm handling them right now.
Is it paranoid to think that this might be a deliberate act of harassment and intimidation by my opponent, whose 16 years in City Hall have been characterized by petty vindictiveness and routine abuses of power? Maybe.


But the fact is, this kind of thing happens every single day in Buffalo. Rather than tax his rich friends, Byron Brown has financed the city by targeting poor and working class (especially Black) Buffalonians with predatory fines and fees. That's why the Fair Fines + Fees Coalition - Buffalo exists.
I may have gotten a little bit famous in the last few months, but don't let that fool you: I'm still a low-income single mother enrolled in Medicaid. People like me don't always have the money to pay tickets.


What's more, I have had to run for office for months longer than I should have because Byron Brown refused to concede when Democratic voters handed him an L. So unfortunately I have put getting my car inspected on the back burner. (It's a 2017 Subaru, I promise it's in good working order!)
Another day in Byron Brown's Buffalo, I guess. It only strengthens my determination to win in November, sweep out the corruption that has festered in City Hall for too long, and finally get to work building the safe, healthy Buffalo we all need and deserve.
Thank you for understanding.

While The City of Buffalo nor Mayor Brown have addressed the allegations directly yet, Conor Hurley, Campaign Manager of Brown for Buffalo told WIVB,

“Today is another example of Ms. Walton’s failure to take responsibility for anything – there is always someone else to blame or a conspiracy around the corner. Breaking the law is not ‘my bad…but’ over and over. If you don’t follow the law, you can’t be expected to uphold it.”

The campaign trail in Buffalo has been heating up between the two candidates, especially since Brown pursued legal action to be added to the ballot. Brown is currently campaigning as a write-in candidate.

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