I always get a kick out of some vanity plates I see driving around Western New York. Sometimes a vanity plate is too vague and nobody really knows what it's supposed to mean; while others flat out hilarious. I think we just may have found the funniest plates in Western New York.

Kelsey Anderson of WIVB saw an unbelievably funny license plate driving yesterday: it simply said, the "Sabres are Bad."

But there's more!

The person who had the license plate responded with another, his brother-in-law's, whose license plate matches the "Sabres are Bad" plate with one that says, the "Bills are Good."

That might be the strongest set of vanity plates I have ever seen in my life. I have to imagine everyone driving laughs pretty hard when they see one of these plates. Sometimes it can be such a simple statement that makes it hilarious.

Sometimes I wonder if the Bills are good because the Sabres are bad? Like it was a trade-off in some cruel way. When the Sabres were great in the mid-2000s, the Bills were bad. The roles have been reversed. Even during the Super Bowl years, the Sabres either lost in the first round or had trouble making the playoffs altogether in the early '90s.

Anyway, just like we do in Buffalo, we take heartbreak and laugh about it. Our sense of humor can never be questioned.

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