Historic Hyde Hall has reopened, and a supernatural experience is waiting for you. Do you believe in ghosts?

Hyde Hall overlooks the beautiful Otsego County in New York. Englishman George Clark, a wealthy and powerful landowner, built the Hall to be the seat of his vast empire.

It took 17 years for the local craftsman to build the neoclassic mansion and finally finished in 1834. Shortly after, Clark suffered a fatal stroke in November of 1835. Legend has it that he now returns every night because he didn't get much time enjoying his labor of love.

It's rumored that George Clark's dressing room is the most haunted in the house. Those who have slept there say they felt a presence and heard footsteps, and some even had the covers pulled off the bed.

For more than a century, there have been tails of ghosts and other activity at the mansion, and in the 1900s, it certainly looked the part as it fell into disrepair.

Friends of Hyde Hall, now Hyde Hall Inc., preserved the house, and it is now listed as a National Historic Landmark and a museum. Over the next few weeks, guests can view a special Pop-Up Flash Exhibit where some of Hyde Hall’s clothing collections and garments will be on display, including an 1830s gown, a butler’s outfit, a hunting coat, and a livery uniform.

Summer Ghost Tours begin in July. You'll hear tales of the frightful and mysterious happenings in the shadowy corridors of the historic mansion if you dare.

On this hour-long, guided tour, you might discover what terrorized James Fenimore Cooper Jr. in the middle of the night, and maybe you’ll spot what stalks the notorious back hall—are you brave enough to enter the house after dark? RSVP at (607) 547-5098 X 1 [Hyde Hall]

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