When you think of Buffalo, there are some things that immediately come to mind: wings, beef on weck, loganberry, Bills, Sabres, amazing people, etc. One other thing that should come to mind is great beer.

We're pretty fortunate in Western New York. We have so many great local breweries that serve up unique beer that is great to taste year-round.

Now, what's another thing that comes to mind when it comes to Buffalo? The smell of Cheerios is the answer. You drive down Route 5 towards the skyway and the smell of Cheerios or any General Mills cereal fills the air. I sometimes smell Trix when I leave the offices downtown.

Two Buffalo breweries teamed up to combine beer and the smell and taste of Cheerios last year, and it's officially back as of Thursday.

Resurgence Brewing Company and Brickyard Brewing released a beer called "Smells Like Buffalo" pilsner last year and it makes its return tomorrow!

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The beer is described as a blend of roasted almonds, vanilla and honey, and of course, the scent of Cheerios that will literally make you feel like you're walking the streets of Downtown Buffalo.

Resurgence is close to the General Mills factory, so it makes sense they would help to create this kind of beer.

I am definitely going to make it a point to try this beer the next time I'm at Resurgence, which should be relatively soon since I love going there in the fall.

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