Resurgence Brewing Company

Unique Flavors
Western New York is full of diverse and uniquely flavored beers! But which WNY/Buffalo brewery has the most unique beer flavors? It's time to vote.
Best Events
It's always an amazing time when your favorite brewery throws an awesome event. What Western New York/Buffalo brewery has the best events? Cast your vote in the poll below and be sure to share which event is your favorite in the comments.
Best Food
Sometimes it's all about pairing the perfect food with a brew to make the evening just right. Which Western New York/Buffalo brewery has the best food?
Creative Names
There are some...interesting local brews in Western New York and Buffalo. Cast your vote for the brewery with the MOST creative beer names and be sure to write your favorite brew and brewery in the comments below!
Best Bartenders
Sure you may go for the brews but never underestimate the importance of an amazing bartender for a great night out! Which Western New York/Buffalo Brewery Has the Best Bartenders? Vote NOW!

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