They just announced on thier twitter that they will be the first to eliminate the use of plastic bags in all its grocery stores across New York State.

So this is what happen. The state passed a new law that calls to eliminate the use of plastic grocery shopping backs by March 1, 2020.  Wegmans is currently working on  less waste"by eliminating some current plastic packaging and replacing it with materials made from plant-based renewable fiber."

Wegmans said it will also "continue to work closely with The Center for Sustainable Packaging at Rochester Institute of Technology to identify new opportunities and packaging innovations" at all its stores and corporate work sites.

Here are just a few examples of how Wegmans has already reduced plastic throughout its stores:
· donut and Celebration Cake boxes made from 100% recycled paper content
· produce bags made from 100% plant-based renewable materials
· rotisserie chicken pouches that use 75 percent less plastic than the previously used plastic domes

Wegmans says you can bring a tightly packed bag of plastic bags to Wegmans this Saturday between 11-3 and receive a coupon for a free Wegmans reusable bag.

You can learn more about Wegmans sustainable packaging efforts by clicking here .


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