1.11.11: It's Goin' DOWN!! "The Game" is back. It's on going to be bigger and better than ever. The new season kicks of two years from where we left off last season.

Melanie and Derwin finally made it official! That's right, Derwin put a ring on it and his baby (with Janay) is going to be two. Kelly and Jason are officially split and living the single life. Malik is still Malik.

I don't know about you, but I am too excited for this new season to begin. "The Game" was the source of a lot of self-made YouTube marathons with me and my girls. It's a light and refreshing take on the football world. I think that's what started all these reality shows on sports wives. Think about it. "The Game" first aired in 2006. (Pause) Those reality wives were only girlfriends then!  

BET took over and now, the only concern is this: Will it live up to the hype? What do you think? Of course it will!

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