The Summer is here and its hottt. The YMCA is still hiring about 100 lifeguards for the busy summer season.

The City of Buffalo is also hiring an additional ten lifeguards for the eight pools around the city that will be open July 1st.

Lifeguards can make upwards of $12 an hour depending on experience.

The qualifications needed to be a lifeguard: 
-American Red Cross CPR certified-- the YMCA provides this training for employees.
-First Aid training
-Must be a good swimmer and pass a swimming test

Clare Hart has been a lifeguard with the YMCA for three years and says she enjoys watching and teaching kids how to swim.

"I really love the community here and the patrons are awesome," Hart says. "I love working with people around my age a lot of younger people are lifeguards."

If you're interested in applying for these jobs here are the links:
City of Buffalo 

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