Yasmin Young from the 2 To 6 Takeover here to Spill The Tea on the latest diss from Meek Mill, Future getting mad, but Ciara not giving an eff and who is suing Empire and why!

Meek Mill Threatens Drake...With A Wedgie!!

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So last night, Meek Mill was in Charlotte, NC (where I used to live) on Nicki Minaj's Pink Print Tour and he took a moment to address Drake!

Meanwhile, Drake had showed some memes of Meek Mill on stage at his OVO Festival!

Will Smith, who is is from Philly coincidentally and Kanye had a laugh with Drizzy backstage, re-showing the memes!  I guess "Brotherly Love" is out of the question lol!

Future Gets Mad At Russell Wilson & Ciara Doesn't Care!

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Ciara brought her adorable son, “Juicy man” Future Zahir, to Russell Wilson's practice again, even though Future was mad about Russell hugging his son a few days ago! Yesterday CiCi posted yet another pic of her at practice with Juicy Man! Gotta love it! Future needs to have a seat and get over it! As long as Russell treats his son well and loves him, why get mad!! Check out the pic that made him mad and his tweets below!

Take A Number: A New Person Claims Empire Stole Her Life

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Empire stole their live! Now a Detroit woman, Sophia Eggleston, is the latest! Sophia says she is the real-life version of Cookie Lyon and has filed a $300 million lawsuit against co-creator Lee Daniels and Fox! Who does this in a court of law...she was a “drug kingpin” who did jail time for manslaughter for placing a “hit” on a man. Her memoir,
The Hidden Hand, apparently tells the story of her life running the streets!

Sophia says that in 2011, she met with screenwriter Rita Miller and gave Miller a copy of her book, then she got a call from Miller several months later saying she was going to pitch her story to Daniels. Her lawsuit says she was “dismayed to see the various similarities of events and characters . . . so numerous and specific, especially . . . Cookie Lyon, that independent creation was obviously impossible.” Sophia told the gossip page of the New York Post, Page Six, “The whole city’s been telling me Cookie is basically me. Any jury would rule for me — $300 million is a very small price for taking my whole life and stealing it.”

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