If you're wondering why you keep reading headlines about the Harlem Shake, you are one of the lucky ones who missed the thousands of YouTube Videos of crazy office workers gone wild. But now the REAL Harlem Dancers emerge online with an authentic Harlem Shake performance to the song that has become a Viral Hit.


It all starts with one person in a crazy costume dancing, while everyone else around him/her goes on with business as usual. Then suddenly the beat drops and the place erupts in utter MADNESS!! See what I mean below:

All I could do is shake my head at this until my Facebook Friend (A REAL DANCER) posted his version of the Harlem Shake.

RIP We just killed the Shake!!

Allow me to introduce the real Harlem Dancers. I'll show you how to do this son!!

In other News, Pitbull does a remix to the Harlem Shake song, paying homage to his hometown and firing back at Lil Wayne at the same time. Check it out.