Let's be honest, there isn't much to complain about when it comes to the traffic in Buffalo. When you go to cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and New York City, you see what real gridlock traffic is really like, whereas Buffalo is about a 15-25 minute drive to anywhere.

However, I've heard from numerous people over recent years that Buffalo has some of the worst drivers. I get a bit defensive because it's my hometown, but I'll be upfront -- there are some really bad trouble spots for what you could call "bad drivers" in certain parts of Buffalo and Western New York.

The Black Rock area always gave me problems when I was driving to classes when I was in college. Grant Street by the 198 is beat up, has some troublesome lights, and the frustration with drivers was high there, to say it lightly.

The Bailey/Seneca area of Buffalo always seems to give me problems as well. In fact, that's a route I take regularly now because it's the quickest from where I live, and I think I've lost years off my life from the mounting frustration of the stuff some drivers decide to pull.

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A friend of mine said all the bad stretches of Transit Road, especially in Lancaster, where it gets congested and there are countless lights. It's really a free-for-all and I'm shocked accidents don't happen there, daily. Then there's Niagara Falls Blvd...YIKES. Talk about some confusing drivers.

What other spots would you add for bad drivers in Buffalo and Western New York?

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