Everyone THINKS they're a good driver. But spend 30 seconds on the 33 or the 290, and you know the truth; Buffalo has some of the worst drivers around. It doesn't matter where you're driving either. From Canalside to Delaware Ave. or on the 90, you see these drivers everywhere. Chances are, you do a few of these things too. I'm only slightly ashamed to admit I do two of these myself. Take a look at these "offenses" and see how many you're guilty of.

Here are some of the biggest driving offenses Western New Yorkers commit:

1 - Excessive speeding. Six out of ten Buffalonians agree this means you're a bad driver. On the other hand, four out of those same 10 admitted they like to drive fast themselves. I'm in this group, but I don't speed excessively. Nine over on the highway, never on side streets. By the way, one in three thinks speed limits are "just a suggestion." Until they get pulled over and get that ticket, I'm guessing.

2 - Cutting people off. Over half of drivers say if you're always cutting people off, that's a big clue you're a bad driver.

3 - Then there's tailgating. It's pretty safe to say that yes, this makes you a bad driver. And should be a pretty good clue that you might want to work on having a little patience.

4 - Road rage. No explanation needed, right?

5 - Number four leads to using your horn too much. There's a fine line between proper use of the horn and being a horn abuser.

7 - Not using your turn signals. I fully admit this is the other rule of the road I tend to ignore. Especially if no one's behind me. I just don't see the point!

8 - Driving with one hand on the wheel. Yeah, this one kind of surprised me too. I'm not sure how this makes anyone a bad driver. Unless they're texting with the other hand. I mean, how else am I supposed to drink my Tim Hortons coffee?

9 - Talking too much while you drive, to passengers, or on the phone. OK, I guess I lied about only doing two of these because I do this all the time. I have Bluetooth in my car, so it's a great time for me to catch up on calls I need to make. Especially on long drives. Whenever I have to shoot over to Rochester, that's a prime 90 minutes I can multitask.

10 - This is the coup de gras; driving slow in the fast lane. If you're one of those people who drive slow in the fast lane, you're a bad driver. When you have two or more cars lined up behind you, you're going too slow...no matter how fast you're driving. It's actually a law here in New York, under the Vehicle & Traffic section, Title 7, Article 25 - "Slower traffic must keep right and all traffic yield the left lane to traffic approaching from behind." I may or may not have had to take a defensive driving course. Or three. I'm a slow learner, apparently.


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