Taking it back to the golden era, I sure do miss hanging up on people with just a simple flip. well I guess I will be able too again with the Razr officially returning back to the cell phone market!

you probably thinking "don't nobody want a razr its 2019" well its coming with a new design I'm sure you are willing to trade on your iPhone with this!

Yea I may not trade on my iPhone but im wiling to have two phones, especially taking me back to the 6th grade era.

I think the most cool part about this phone is the secret “Retro Razr” mode that turns the modern version into the spitting image of its 2004-era original design.

it is not a cheap phone but then again y'all was buying $1500 iPhones so it is okay because the Razr will retail for $1,500 and be available beginning in January 2020. will you be getting the Razr?

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