Ayanna Williams is becoming a household name in the Buffalo, NY community. She began building her empire with a very successful business by the name of Candy Kids Spa, which was a concept thought up by her daughter after realizing that traditional nail salons weren’t so kid friendly.  With two popular locations booming in the local malls, it left her little to no time to pursue other business ventures and passions so she decided to franchise the business and the rest is history.

Since then, she not only continued to be an awesome mom and role model to her daughter but she co-founded a competitive cheer company, B.A.S.E. and most recently a non-invasive body contouring studio. 24K Body Studio is helping women of all ages feel great about their bodies again and helping to ensure new moms get that snap back!

Ayanna discusses how B.A.S.E. was birthed from tragedy, various business strategies, her sometimes unconventional views on love and relationships, parenting woes and how she ultimately makes it all work for the greater good.

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