What seemed like a normal afternoon for 11 year old Jaycee Dugard quickly turned into her worst nightmare. Kidnapped in the middle of the day, afraid and confused Jaycee began to think the worst, but the worst would be yet to come....over the next 18 years.

The first thing that I thought when I saw this was...really, 18 years and you couldn't get out? Make it to a phone, nothing? Everyone will say that the mind manipulation can keep their victims trapped but the details of this story are almost sickening.

For starters the man that abducted Jaycee, Phillip Garrido, had an extensive criminal backround consisting of both rape and kidnapping charges. Assisted by his wife Nancy Garrido, after the abduction Jaycee was locked away in the Garrido's backyard where the couple began to construct tented areas to keep her. Threatening her with weapons, and convincing her that her staying here would help save other young girls, Jaycee remained with the Garrido's. Upon turning 14 years old Jaycee was raped and soon after gave birth to her first child.  Three years later another daughter was brought into the world.

Now, being captive for  many years the Garrido's began to let Jaycee into their home and even began taking her into public. Being that Jaycee was so mentally broken at this point, the fear instilled in her by this couple, and the love she felt for her daughters kept her quiet and kept her close.

While the details of this story are absolutely sickening, like the fact that much of what was done to Jaycee was videotaped, or that the Garrido's would manipulate her with things like kittens; attempting to make her feel comfortable only to rip  them away soon after. The failure of our justice system however, will perhaps make you even more sick.

Being that this man Phillip Garrido had such a dirty criminal past, he was on parole. During the time that Jaycee was abducted, parole officers visited the home 60 TIMES, and not once detected any sign of Jaycee. Neighbors called the police to report that the Garrido's had children living in their backyard...when the authorities showed up....they did not even step foot in the backyard...Phillip was also on an ankle bracelet at one time that coul dtrack his whereabouts on his property. Although Phillip was documented as spending a signifigant amount of time in the area behind his backyard....police NEVER looked back there.....Really?

So how did he get caught? How did Jaycee escape?

One day Phillip decided it would be a good idea to take  his two young 'children' onto Berkeley Campus to promote his off the wall religious beliefs. When two female security guards thought the situation was strange they went up to Phillip and pretended to be interested in his rant. After obtaining his name, they quickly looked him up and saw his checkered past. Soon after the police took the children from Phillip and the whole plan sunk, the Garrido's were busted and Jaycee and her children were safe.

The details of this story are truly shocking and the whole interview is definitely worth watching. The video is broken into four parts and can be watched here.