Its been a long time coming, the group from Flint that was nominated for  11 Grammy's  will be making a return. Can you believe its been   33 years after hitting number one with “Oh Sheila” in 1985. This comeback is due part to Bruno Mars, who used to group as openers on a couple spot dates on the tour.

This is what  Willie Triplett tells ABC Radio. “We got good reactions out of the crowd, so we decided to go ahead and just get in the game again.”

“We bought new equipment to keep updated and surrounded us with younger singers and younger artists,” he comments.“There was no apprehension, but we did have to consider our style compared to what’s trending today and kinda marry the two,” he says.

Now, the group Ready for the World is now planning to release a new album on their own independent label soon. Thank you Bruno Mars, this could really be a crazy comeback.


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