Officials in City Hall are working on a plan to improve access to broadband internet services in Buffalo and the City of Buffalo is seeking your help to find out what needs to be done.

As the need to use the World Wide Web has become more and more intertwined into our daily lives, the need for people to have the ability to access the internet quickly and affordably is becoming a necessity. With internet access being so essential, the lack of that access just expands the inequities that have existed in many communities for years.

The digital divide is real and officials estimate that almost 30% of residents of Buffalo do not have internet access. That is why the City of Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency has launched an online survey to measure broadband access in the city. The survey, which is being offered under the city's STAND Up Buffalo Program, can be accessed right here.

In addition to this plan that the Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency is working on, Spectrum offers free broadband for students who need it for school, Erie County is working on a county-wide broadband system, and there is even an Emergency Broadband Benefit that is available to help people pay for their services.

All residents and employees in the City of Buffalo are encouraged to completed the survey. The city really wants people who do not have access to the internet to complete the survey.

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