According to, Back in 1976, John Walker Jr., Darryl Boyd, Darryn Gibson, Floyd Martin and, TyroneWoodruff, were convicted of the robbery and murder of William Crawford an elderly man who was leaving The Golden Nugget Bar and Lounge, on Filmore ave, in Buffalo New York. Although the crime scene photographic evidence supported the fact that there was one lone assailant, and not five.

There was never any DNA evidence recovered or presented to the courts at the time of the trials back in 1977. Three of the convicted Buffalo 5, spent a total of 84 years altogether behind bars for a crime they did not commit. Two of the men, prior to Crawford's passing, have always proclaimed their innocence in the matter.

According to, on Wednesday, January 20th, both Walker and Boyd will return to the New York State Supreme Court in downtown Buffalo, where Erie County District Attorney John Flynn is opposing their motion to vacate the judgment of indictment 41-413. There will be a ruling on whether the new crime scene photos of the lone assailant's footprint constitutes "new evidence".

There are only two members of the Buffalo Five representing this mater because of the five, there are only three members living, and one of the members, Tyrone Woodruff, lives out-of-state, therefore John Walker Jr. and Darryl Boyd have become the most recognizable faces of the Buffalo Five.

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The ultimate goal of the two men is to clear their name and hopefully get this conviction overturned.



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