Swinging into Buffalo as part of Riff Raff's 'UVP Tour', New York rapper and author 8rooklyn 8atman checks in with Ed-Nice backstage.

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Brooklyn, New York native L. Joevon is an author, producer, and artist who goes by the moniker 8rooklyn 8atman. Using a gritty New York rap style, he speaks and writes of urban tales and lessons and has lead many to consider the rapper an anomaly in the Hip Hop game.

In addition to being an author with his book Seeds In The Concrete; 8rooklyn 8atman is set to release his 2nd album The Plague Of A Dark Generation which is hosted by DJ Whoo Kidd.

8rooklyn 8atman's latest single 8ruce Wayne discusses how the hero is taking on Harley Queens as they start an unprovoked attack against Brooklyn’s dark knight.

I was able to catch up with 8rooklyn 8atman backstage at Rec Room as he finishes up a 30 city tour right here in Buffalo. You can check out some excerpts from our conversation below:

Who is 8rooklyn 8atman?

Tell me some about your latest single 8ruce Wayne and where that idea came from?

What motivated you to write your book Seeds In The Concrete?

If you could go back in time and give yourself some advice, what would you say to yourself?

You can check out the entire interview on my Instagram.

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