According to WGRZ, A Group called Anchorage Holdings is the entity opening Buffalo's 1st Medical Marijuana  Dispensary and man are they smart to do so.  I was curious as to who can own a Medical Marijuana Dispensary, or a Marijuana Dispensary in general, as my guess was that you cannot, due to them all be owned and run by the U.S. Govt.  I was wrong.  You can open a dispensary yourself ... now how difficult that is, in terms of being approved and the qualifications, are another story.  I'm assuming it's NOT EASY ... but I could be wrong again.  I'm not interesting in opening a dispensary, I was only curious as to who can, and although I'm not, I discovered that the Marijuana Dispensary overall income for 2017 alone was $3.2 BILLION with there being over 28,000 Cannabis Businesses in the U.S.  However, if you're interested in how you might open a dispensary, click the button below for more details:

Buffalo's 1st Medical Marijuana Dispensary: 'The Botanist'

How do people attain the product?

"They will meet with a pharmacist, go through an intake process, go through a consultation process, make sure they feel comfortable with the medicine we're providing, and make sure it adheres to the state rules and regulations and their qualifying conditions," said, Sonya Parrish, Director of NYS Plant Operations.

According to WGRZ:

"The Botanist" is scheduled to open up next Monday located at 192 Seneca Street near the Pierce Arrow museum in Buffalo.

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